Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

In to work early, so I can sit and wait

Tick, tick, tick...

So, I've got this job. And that's a good thing, because jobs give you money, and that's how I buy stuff. Money can be exchanged for goods and services. Really, I like my job.

I say this so you know that I'm not complaining. Cause this is perhaps one of the most fun places I've worked, and one of the places most committed to being a fun place to work. Really, a good job.

But today's a deadline - we've got to take a version of the game, bundle it up, and send it to the publishers. If they like it, maybe we'll get paid. That'd be nice. Again with the goods and services motif.

I'm familiar with milestones and deadlines - I've been doing this sort of thing for several years, I know the drill. And this milestone has been relatively painless, we pretty much had our work done a week ago, and then there were a bunch of little stuff that I was afraid would take 2 weeks, but ended up not.

The one twist in the road was Friday, when I decided to burn a copy of the game onto DVD, just to be sure. Boom. I can't say much about the game, but I will tell you that when the machine just shows you a black screen, that's not entirely what we're going for. The publishers would be a little concerned.

Late night Friday, no luck. Come in Saturday, try some stuff, no luck. Go home, fetch my USB CD burner. Bring it back to work, try to hook it up. By the way, I hate Windows XP. We find a different CD Burner in the building, burn a CD, no luck. Come in Sunday, try some stuff. Try some more stuff. Start deleting files, eventually we discover that something like 15 MB of sound effects snuck into the game. 15 MB of unused sound effects. Moved those out of the build, and all of a sudden we were in business.

5pm on Sunday, we were where I'd have liked to have been on Friday afternoon. Oh well, just one weekend shot. Thank God I have no personal life.

Now, just because I am rambling, I'll mention that Friday night, Dad dropped me an email saying that he'd be in town Monday (today) night, and could he be a houseguest for the night? What can you say to that? Yes, Dad, sure. So in amongst all the fretting about work, I've found some time to tend to making my living room borderline acceptable for a guest.

Having done all this, now I sit at work, waiting for noon, when the (figurative) machine of our burn process goes into action. In the best of all possible worlds, we will know about an hour later that everything went according to plan, and we're done. Slap the appropriate disks onto the producer's desk, and take the rest of the day off.

Are you still reading? Good grief.

Tick, tick, tick... maybe all this caffeine was a bad idea.
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