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That Music Meme, sort of.

(I spent about an hour composing this, and then Internet Explorer collapsed in on itself in a cloud of foul-smelling smoke. So, I've downloaded Firefox and am trying again.)

batmanmsd tagged me, but I'm being a spoilsport and playing the game by my own rules.

Music I dig, some right now, some in general:

  • Someone Who Is Cool Odds.
    I was listening to this in the car this afternoon.
    close, but kinda meatless
    like actors who play Jesus in movies of the week.
    what other people wish for
    oozes from my every pore.
    I'm the coffee, not the sleep

  • 99 Luftballons Nena.
    An effective way of placing your movie in the 80s is by placing this song on your soundtrack (Grosse Pointe Blank, The Wedding Singer). I don't know enough German to fully understand it. Perhaps one day, I'll get the German/English dictionary off the shelf and look into it.
    Hast du etwas Zeit für mich?
    Dann singe ich ein Leid für dich
    Von 99 Luftballons auf ihrem weg zum Horizont

  • Pure the Lightning Seeds.
    Bubblegum pop, perhaps. When I first bought the CD, my stereo was perched on a cardboard box as I was moving into my new dorm room. The stereo started rocking based on the motion of the CD, and I mistook the subsequent skipping for part of the music.
    Just lying smiling in the dark
    shooting stars around your heart
    dreams come boucing in your head
    pure and simple everytime

  • King For a Day the Thompson Twins.
    I'm shamelessly lost in the 80s. I bought a couple albums by "Babble", the band that was the Thompson Twins minus their drummer. I haven't yet really got into that, though.
    Diamond rings
    And all those things
    They never sparkle like your smile
    And as for fame
    It's just a name
    That only satisfies you for a while

  • Livin' in a Dream Psuedo Echo.
    It was spooky, finding a copy of this CD, 15 years after someone stole my copy of the tape. I still remembered every song on it. And it pisses me off that the only track that you find in compilations is their cover of "Funkytown".
    Fear lies over me, I feel it all around
    Something's looking at me, and I think it's got a crown
    it's not a king or a queen, but something in between
    Now I only hope that I am living in a dream.

  • Jerk it Out the Caesars.
    If you know the commercial in my icon, you've heard this song. I like the funky fuzzy sound. Also, I dig the dancing chick.
    Wind me up
    Put me down
    Start me off and watch me go
    I'll be running circles around you sooner than you know

  • Take On Me a-ha.
    A song that people remember because of the music video alone.
    You're all the things I've got to remember
    You shying away
    I'll be coming for you anyway

  • Desert Rose Sting.
    Not a lot of songs in my list have ululation. This one does.
    I dream of rain
    I dream of gardens in the desert sand
    I wake in vain
    I dream of love as time runs through my hand

    I dream of rain
    I lift my gaze to empty skies above
    I close my eyes
    The rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of love

  • Children of Sanchez the Chorallaries of MIT.
    Some of my friends were in this a capella group on campus. They did a bunch of songs that I like, especially "Africa", which I'm listing separately.
    Without dreams of hope and pride a man will die
    Though his flesh still moves his heart sleeps in the grave
    Without land man never dreams cause he's not free
    All men need a place to live with dignity.

  • Africa Toto.
    As I mentioned above, the Chorallaries performed this song. It became one of their most requested songs to the point where they hated it and made a parody of it "Please don't make us sing 'Africa'".
    The wild dogs cry out in the night
    As they grow restless longing for some solitary company
    I know that I must do what's right
    Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like a lepress above the Serengeti
    I seek to cure what's deep inside, frightened of this thing that I've become

  • Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal They Might Be Giants
    This song has been stuck in my head of late - reminding me the value of putting money in the savings account, and getting screwed over in business.
    I struck a bargain with my radio DJ
    I said I'd like this song to be number one
    He said "I'd really really like to help you my son"
    And then I knew that I would have him to thank
    Because he asked me how much I had in the bank

  • Love That Dirty Water the Standells.
    I only lived in New England for 9 years (8 in Cambridge), but it still holds a place in my heart.
    Yeah, down by the river
    Down by the banks of the river Charles
    That's where you'll find me
    Along with lovers, fuggers, and thieves
    Well I love that dirty water
    Oh, Boston, you're my home

  • Can't Help Falling in Love Lick the Tins.
    This is off the "Some Kind of Wonderful" soundtrack (hi, Mary Stuart Masterson). A Brit-punk interpretation of an Elvis hit.
    Like a river flows surely to the sea
    Darling so it goes
    Some things are meant to be
    Take my hand, take my whole life too
    For I can't help falling in love with you

  • Journey of the Sorcerer Eagles.
    This song was the music heard in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series. It boggles my mind after all these years that the song that's hardwired into my head as a symbol for science fiction adventure was done by the same guys who did "Hotel California"

  • California Dreamin' Royal Gigalos.
    A techno remix of the Mamas and the Papas' recording. Quite dancable.
    stopped into a church I passed along the way
    well, I got down on my knees and I pretend to pray
    you know the preacher likes the cold
    he knows I'm gonna stay

  • Blue Monday New Order.
    When I go dancing at the little place in Monroe, the DJ almost always finds room to sneak this song in.
    How does it feel
    To treat me like you do
    When you've laid your hands upon me
    And told me who you are

  • Pride (in the Name of Love) Hapa.
    A Hawaiian reinterpretation of the U2 song. The end of the track has a recording of an MLK speech
    Early morning, April 4
    Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
    "Free at last", they took your life
    They could not take your pride

  • What a Wonderful World/Somewhere Over the Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.
    A medley of two covers, both done in a Hawaiian style. If you saw Anthony Edwards' last episode on ER, you probably heard one of them in the background. Haunting and ethereal, I really love these reinterpretations.
    I see friends shakin' hands, sayin' "How do you do?"
    They're really saying "I love you"


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