Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

  • I went dancing again last night. Different place. Some of the same people. Same DJ. I learned some new swing moves, and practiced my 10 step. Good times. The 20-something hot chick I danced with last week remembered me, and asked me to dance. That's cool. I asked her to dance, and she asked if I knew how to waltz. I stammered a negative, and she proceeded to teach me. That's cool.

  • Last night, I dreamt about a pitched argument with my boss. Seems like any work-related dreams ought to qualify for overtime pay, even though I'm exempt. A friend pointed out that if they did pay for work-related dreams, the company would have to monitor dreams, and we all agreed that would be a bad thing.

    Maybe if I could just bring in a dream receipt.

  • A friend loaned me the Firefly boxed set. I'm really sad that I didn't see the show back when it was on the air. I watched the pilot and the first two episodes today, and I've still got 3 DVDs to go. I think I'm going to return my friend's copy and go out and find my own.

  • Loosely related to that, I like "Deadwood". It's not because of the gritty portrayal of prostitutes in the old west any more than it's about the gritty portrayal of miners or heroin addicts. In part, it's the flowery dialogue. In part, it's Molly Parker. There's a third season on the way, and this pleases me.

  • Man, I ought to get a better LJ-client than using the web. I just accidentally went to some other page, nearly blowing away all this glorious prose. I do like the emacs client, but it doesn't have a good way to preview user picture icons (duh).


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