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You know that Talking Heads song "Blind"? There's not a lot of enunciation in that song, so it's not a stretch to hear the chorus as I transcribed above.

  • Maybe if I hold my laptop closer to the access point... I've been working on a game for the PSP for a while now, and one of the features of the game is wireless multiplayer play. (Oooh, maybe I'm telling secrets. No, wait, that's been in previews. I can say that.) And so I guess I'll have to get a PSP. As I was thinking about this, I figured it's about time to figure out why the wireless networking in my home isn't working. (If you think about it some, that doesn't make any sense. If you think about it a little more, it might make some sense, but not a whole lot.

    I spent a good couple of hours screwing around with 26 character keystrings to no avail. Microsoft Windows was telling me that I was disconnected, but if I wanted to, I could press the 'disconnect' button, which would disconnect me. Or my network would be listed as 'Automatic', which really didn't help me much. Sometimes I'd have a 'waiting for the network' dialog, which gave me little information. It showed me a computer with a monitor sending green dots to a computer without a monitor, which would send them back.

    Dammit, sending green dots wasn't this hard with CAT5 cable.

    I finally figured out what features to turn off in order to get my network running. I get to keep my geek certification for another year.

  • Look in your employees' handbook under 'I' for 'irony' Speaking of that game I've been working on at work, I'm hovering around zero bugs. Which is good, since we had hoped to have a "release candidate" a week ago. Until we decided that last Thursday was more realistic. Until we decided that tomorrow is more realistic. I forget how many hours I've worked in the past couple weeks, but it does remind me about why people leave the industry. I'm amused that our last big weekend in the office coincides with the national remembrance of sacrifices made by the labor movement to ensure more humane working conditions.

  • One 'm' or two, it doesn't matter I don't recommend going to the new Matt Damon / Heath Ledger movie. Certainly not if you were planning to sit facing the screen.

  • Somewhere, the chances for an Azurik sequel just got measurably higher... You may recall, 51 weeks ago, I had an Unfortunate Incident with a neighborhood kid that I call "Timmy". If you don't recall, suffice it to say that for the past year-ish, I've had a stack of XBox games living in humble housing - on a CD-R spindle for a while, and more recently on half-width jewel cases. I've bugged the Snohomish Sheriff's department, and they explained to me that getting my original cases back would happen sooner or later, but the fingerprint lab works on higher priority cases first. So, of course, my cases have been languishing in some warehouse in Everett. Quite possibly next to the crate that has been holding the Ark since the end of "Raiders".

    This morning, I gave up hope that I'd ever again see my original cases and went to Amazon. I managed to get replacement copies of each of the games, paying much less than I had originally paid in most cases, and in one case, noticably more. I don't even want the game disks themselves, as I already have those; I just wanted the cases and the instruction manuals. Perhaps I'll sell off the game disks to cover a small amount of my costs. Anybody want to buy a used (but not much) copy of Voodoo Vince? Yeah, I'm not surprised.

  • Sorry, Ben After I found that I couldn't do anything productive at work today, I headed home. I thought I'd stop at the Woodinville 12plex to see "A Sound of Thunder", which started minutes before I got to the line. Or, the trailers did. The lights were out, and I really don't like walking into a dark theatre. And I don't like it when other people do it, either. I bumped into some of my friends, and they told me that aSoT probably wasn't worth seeing. So I didn't. I think I'll watch some of the Firefly DVDs, maybe clean the house a little.

  • There is no monster at the end of the book I had a book as a kid where Grover (from Sesame Street - were we all on the same page?) was terrified that there was a monster at the end of the book. I won't give away the ending, but there was a little bit of cognitive dissonance that I had difficulty with when I was 4, and it's not really much better now. I mention that to say that now and then, I'll blather about inconsequential nonsense for a page and bury something potentially interesting at the bottom. Not today. Just keeping the green dots moving.


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