Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Dave's got a brand new hat

... with apologies to James Brown.

I did basically two things this weekend. 1, I saw lots of movies, and B, I bought a lawnmower. Ahem, "Lawn Tractor".


4 movies, 4 theatres, 3 days.
  • X2:X-Men United Work paid for this one. So that's cool. Plenty of action, it's just what I was looking for. I never got into comic books as a kid, so I can't hold my own in conversations with my friends when they talk about the various different incarnations of the X-Men.
  • A Mighty Wind This is the first time I've actually seen a Guest/Levy movie in general release, you know, big screen and all. Did I see 'Waiting for Guffman' on the big screen? It woulda been with the BMW crowd, if I did. Anyway, that was fun, too. One of my favorite Eugene Levy characters ever - which really isn't saying much, but at first I was hesitant to see Levy and O'Hara paired up again - and their characters were great this time around.
  • Identity Sigh. I'm a fan of John Cusack and to a lesser degree many of the rest of the cast. Fine performances, all... and the story even was ok, up until the third act. At this point, the writer(s?) have sprung the second major plot twist on you, and the movie stops hanging together. Without spoiling anything... eh, no I won't even bother. See it if you like Cusack or McGinley. If you're looking for a whodunnit with a clever ending, maybe watch a Scooby Doo rerun.
  • Chicago I'm not really a fan of musicals, as a rule. But since Mirimax went to all the trouble of winning an Oscar this year, I figured I'd do them the kindness of blowing a matinee admission on seeing it. And it was OK. The cabaret dancing numbers wore on me a bit. Altogether, though, I'm happy to see musicals on the screen because it means more diversity of genres (is "Musical" a genre? Format? Storytelling Structure?) on the screen.


a man is defined by that which he struggles against

I don't know, maybe. One thing that I've struggled against (and you may have heard me whine about) for the past couple of years is my unruly lawn. I'm ambivalent about it - I love the idea of having a lawn, and I really like having a lawn that looks nice, but I don't so much enjoy fighting with lawncare equipment, and I'm not sure about hiring somebody else to take care of my lawn.

That said, I purchased a new lawnmower over the weekend. It's got headlights, a 12v power outlet, and a cupholder. Just in case I need to drink while listening to CDs at night. While mowing.

Since I don't have a trailer to tow garden machinery around with, I arranged to have the mower delivered tomorrow morning. All I walked out of the dealership with was a receipt and a John Deere baseball cap.

I think that I've just knocked off another criterion of Jeff Foxworthy's list.

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