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I may have to write an autobiography. Or, perhaps, a meandering tome of disconnected anecdotes, thoughts, musings, and jokes that amuse me far more than anyone else, and on the second reading don't even amuse me.

Which, actually, is a good description of this journal. BUT, if I were an "author", I could group this stuff together into chapters, and each chapter could have a quote that summarizes the anecdotes. Deep thoughts like "A lot of people wouldn't have done it that way" or "There's little in life that cannot be improved upon by the addition of bacon".

  • I just got back from a trip here:

    A good time was had, and as I expected going in, I'm more tired now than when I embarked on the trip. Differently tired, anyway.
  • I've actually read (most of) the posts that I wasn't here for.
  • I finally got around to seeing "Serenity". There are one or two things I'm unclear on. Of course, I don't feel comfortable talking to anybody about it, especially out loud, lest I spoil anything for anybody. Shhh.
  • I survived my first day "at" the new job. Haven't done much of anything. I met up with one of my coworkers who had some equipment and software for me. She joked that the contents of her car were worth more than the car. She's probably right.
  • On my way home, around 24 hours ago, I was doing my best to land at Minneapolis/St. Paul. A storm had the same idea, and we decided not to pick a fight with a storm, so they flew us around in circles ("Big Ben! Parliament!") for an hour, and then we sat within sight of the Milwaukee airport for over an hour. Eventually we got where we needed to go, and my last leg was actually boarding immediately upon my arrival at the gate.
  • It's somewhat entertaining to be able to email the boss from cramped up in a plane in the wrong city saying "I may not be in tomorrow".
  • When you were maybe in Middle School, did you ever rewind the same piece of music over and over again while copying the lyrics out longhand? It is a measure of something that I did that twice in the plane home. A measure that I may be a teenaged girl, if of nothing else.
  • The party game Taboo is easier if you sing songs that contain the word you're trying to evoke.


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