Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Monday on a Tuesday (Ow)

So, I took yesterday off from work.

This means that today's Monday for me - all the joys of coming back to work, trying to get back into the swing of things, and feeling a bit sunburned and sore from overexertion on the weekend. I just visited my webcam web page to discover that it hasn't been updated for the past 48 hours, almost - which just now occurs to me as a Good Thing, because now I can grab a 'before' image to compare against.

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.

Each year for the past couple years at least, Mom and Dad have come over to my house to assist me in assorted little gardening and home improvement projects. The slightly embarrassing thing is that this is traditionally on Mother's Day weekend. I tried to convince Mom not to work so hard on Mother's Day the first year, but she wouldn't listen to my cajoling. (Hm. Wonder where I get my stubbornness from?) So now it's tradition - they come over, we work, I take Mom out for dinner on Mother's Day, and shoo them off before I go back to work.

This year, we stretched it out to 3 days, and we got a little more work done, and I'm a little more sore than usual.

We also took a bit of time off to go and take a tour of the Boeing factory up in Everett, WA. My mom's dad used to work for Boeing back in the day, so we've got a little bit of family connection to the aircraft industry. The tour consisted of getting up on a balcony over the assembly line and looking at airplanes in several stages of completion. It seems that a lot of component assembly happens elsewhere, but mostly those pieces only get as large as a train car for obvious reasons, and then they're assembled at the Everett plant (there's another Boeing plant in Renton, WA, which builds 737s and 757s, as well as a plant in California that assembles 717s. But your 747s, 767s, and 777s, that's Everett). So, we saw a cockpit being put together, a couple of wings being assembled, on up to two almost complete airplanes. We also got to drive by the recently completed planes. Almost like an auto dealer's show floor. That was kinda nifty. My brain's still boggling about the size of the building, though. It's the largest building (measured by volume) in the world. 100 acres under a single roof. Rather large, but considering that they have several airplanes lined up end to end on several parallel assembly lines, one can appreciate the usefulness of a big building.

But the gardening was the prime activity this weekend. Some stuff that got accomplished:

  • Dad pulled out the Weed Eater and knocked down some of the grass and weeds in the drainage ditch between my property and the road.
  • I used the electric Weed Eater and got a couple feet of the embankment near the ditch - quite a ways to go before that job's complete.
  • Mom pulled an awful lot of dandelions out of the front yard. There's an awful lot still to go.
  • Dad took the front door down, sanded it, applied wood filler to the most glaring of the gashes and damage left by the previous owners.
  • Dad proceeded to attempt to stain the door - with the hope that the door could end up with a nice wood finish.
  • Wood filler doesn't stain.
  • Back to Home Depot, we got White Enamel paint. Small shift in plans from the woodstain attempt.
  • Dad painted the door.
  • Mom and I weeded the flower garden in front of my house. Took out two dead azaleas, and two dead Viburnum Davidi. Sigh. One Viburnum Davidi remains, but it looks lonely.
  • Dad, in amongst the stain/paint hoopla, swapped out the old doorknobs for new ones, and installed matching deadbolt locks.
  • Dad drove around some on The Behemoth - not that he accomplished much, as by that point - I've been bagging my yard clippings, and we had run out of compost bags to empty the clippings into. So he moved the clippings around.
  • I barbecued some hamburgers for my folks for Mother's Day lunch. That's almost like cooking.
  • Mom cut down a bunch of blackberry vines that were infesting some of the rhododendrons in the backyard, and I got a bit of the grass out from under them. Sadly, as I mentioned before, the camera hasn't updated, so you can't see the results of our work - yet.
  • We wanted to give the front door the best chance of drying before hanging it back on its hinges, which resulted in leaving the front door resting on a folded up ladder acting like sawhorses inside the entryway of my house with the doorway wide open until about 10pm yesterday. A little chilly, but that's the price of home improvement. The front door desperately needs another coat of paint. Perhaps I can do that without taking the door off its hinges. Otherwise, it'll wait for my folks to come over again.

Long story short (too late), got a lot of good stuff done, need to do a lot more - I could keep myself occupied during all of my free time with home improvements if I so desired... if I had no other interests.

I may post photos. Or not. See, I'm tired and sore. So doing even small tasks takes a great deal of willpower.

So, I got to work early (8:30 - good grief), to discover that we need to have a brand-new copy of the game ready to take down to the Electronic Entertainment Exposition at the end of the week. Seems like we really, really need to impress Sony. Fingers crossed.

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