Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Ok, those of you who weren't listening to New Wave in 1986 are excused. You can go home, or put your head on your desk - it's up to you.

Of the rest of you, how many recall these guys? I've been trying to hunt down their CD "Laughing at the Pieces" for a while now, and I finally went to eBay - found a copy in England, and a promo LP (ah, the sweet pop, hiss, and crackle of yesteryear). They're both on their way to me now, God help me.

Speaking of 80s music, let's just see what my playlist turns up:

Ok, I'm changing the rules of this game. Here are some lyrics - often the first line or two, but sometimes that had the title, so I skipped ahead in those cases to the first verse. Oh, and I reformatted in an effort to obscure the original phrasing. But come on, there are some easy ones in here:

I made it through the wilderness. 
Somehow, I made it through.

weatherguy2000"Like A Virgin", Madonna

All alone at the end of the evening, and
the bright lights have faded to blue.
Well, all I need is a TV-show, that and 
the radio. Down on my luck again, down
on my luck again.

You're trying to make your mark in society
you're using all the tricks that you used on me.

celisnebula"(I'm not Your) Steppin' Stone", Monkees

The monument of granite sent a beam into my eye.

celisnebula"The Statue Got Me High", They Might Be Giants

I won't take from you...
Don't you know, 'bout a zillion years
ago, some star sneezed, now they're
paging you in reception.

I know you well
and I can tell
something's on your mind.

celisnebula"King for a Day", The Thompson Twins

I can't believe the news today
I can't close my eyes and make it go away.

sushigrade"Sunday, Bloody Sunday", U2

I hear the drums echoing tonight
But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation

weatherguy2000"Africa", Toto

and I've been working like a dog

celisnebula"Hard Day's Night", The Beatles

Looking out a dirty old window. 
Down below the cars in the city go rushing by

sushigrade/weatherguy2000"Kids in America", Kim Wilde

Er war ein Punker und er lebte in der
groBen Stadt

Before all of this ever went down
in another place, another town

celisnebula"Face in the Crowd", Tom Petty

Watch out
you might get what you're after!
Cool babies
strange, but not a stranger.

sushigrade"Burnin' Down the House", Talking Heads

You always say you like my style. 
You say I'm tough and kinda wild.

celisnebula"That was Then, This is Now", The Monkees

I don't know why she's gone away. 
I don't know where.
Somewhere I can't follow her.

celisnebula"Good Thing", The Fine Young Cannibals

I can't get my message through. Why
don't you pick up the phone?

rechercher"Calling You", Aqua

Darling, you were wonderful
you really were quite good. 
I enjoyed it, though, of course, no one understood

celisnebula"Yesterday, When I was Mad", The Pet Shop Boys

I've got your picture
of me and you.
You wrote "I love you"
I love you, too.

sushigrade"Turning Japanese", The Vapors

Another night with open eyes. 
Too late to sleep, too soon to rise.
You're short of breath
is it a heart attack?

celisnebula"Can You Forgive Her?", The Pet Shop Boys

Ok - quote what you recognize and give me artist and song title.

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