Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

I have extra pie. Ok, it's relevant once you get past the pun.

Things I've done this weekend:

  • danced - I finally got to the Mountaineers' building downtown Seattle, where they have dances now and then. I've been meaning to join the Mountaineers for years - to some degree when I was a kid, I thought it'd be something I'd join when I got old enough. And then, when I moved back to the Seattle area, it turned into something I'd do when I got around to it. Still haven't joined, but I finally know where the building is.

    Danced with any number of people, mostly well older than myself. I don't have an Aunt Mabel, but if I did, dancing with her would be the same experience. I did end up dancing with someone younger than myself, who warned me "I don't know the steps", but she ended up following very well. I certainly can't take credit for having become that good of a lead yet. I also danced with someone who clung onto my hands as though I was saving her from drowning. That's the flip experience to a few weeks ago, when I danced with someone who was good enough to be able to get the cues through very light finger pressure. Listen to me - I must be learning something about partner dance.

  • cleaned some - I'm something of a packrat. I like having the right tool for the job, and you never know when some task might come back, perhaps in some other form. I've got an embarrassment of cables and adapters for exactly that reason. I can't explain why so many of them (or piles of papers, or books, or gamepads...) end up strewn, piled, or arrayed on flat surfaces that might otherwise be used as deskspace, floor, or seating. I'm expecting delivery of a new whiteboard (work furniture, how professional of me) soon, but in preparation for that, I needed to move some furniture, and in order to do that, I had to move piles of stuff. I haven't thrown out much yet, but I really ought to go through about 7 piles of papers in this house, and get rid of old phone bills that I don't really need to have "filed" in a brown paper bag under the table in the den.

    I did, however, take three monitors (including a 12" VGA IBM monitor and a 14" VGA Zeos monitor that are the first two CRTs I purchased) to be recycled. I'm hoping to load up my car with a number of old cases (not quite as old, but nearly) to get rid of in the next week. Huh, me getting RID of computer equipment. Strange days.

  • watched that Johnny Cash movie - see my other post. Also, I listened to most of my Johnny Cash MP3s.

  • made 2 pies - hence the icon. I like baking, I just never get around to it. I was reminded of just how long it's been since I've baked by several boneheaded procedural mistakes (e.g. turning the oven temperature to the temperature I wanted to preheat to, but neglecting to turn the oven ON) as well as not being able to recall where I keep the pie tins. I'm pretty sure that the last time I baked, I brought a pie in to work, and I left the pie tin and pie server in the work refrigerator. Guess it's about time to buy a new pie server.

    That almost sounds like a computer phrase.

  • raked some - I've got a smattering of leaves out in the front yard. They need to get raked up before too much longer, but the trees haven't quite finished dropping all their leaves yet. Is that an excuse? If I kept at it, I could probably finish the remaining raking in another hour or two. Honestly, I'm amazed at how long I can move leaves and make so little visible effect.

    I'm also saddened when I do spend time raking because I see just how much moss has crept into my lawn. Maybe this is the year that I really tackle that situation. Or maybe not.

    I've commented here that I've got a number of deer that feel comfortable in my yard. This is charming sometimes - I'll drive into my driveway, and they take notice of me, but they don't leave. That's kind of fun. I'm sure you can imagine the downside of this degree of comfort, particularly in the context of raking my yard.

  • got another one of them dang-fool idears - I've got an idea for a project, or perhaps a group of related projects. I had thought that maybe I'd use a video projector for this project, and in playing around with that line of thinking, I ended up with an old, large, busted, projector. I've decided to give up on the projector, as the one place I know of that repairs that brand of projector can't get parts for it. Oh, well.

    So, instead of the projector, now the project involves using lasers. Lasers are cool. It also involves computer controlled servos and a webcam. We'll see if it comes together.

  • seriously, extra pie - it's on my counter. Help yourself. Plates are in the cabinet over the dishwasher. I should probably put some aluminum foil over it and put it in the fridge.


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