Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

I'm a productivity machine

Sort of. I'm getting some stuff done.


  • shopping - have I mentioned that I've got all my December Birthday gifts and my holiday shopping done? Everyone who just cursed at me isn't getting anything, so that just makes my life even easier.
  • phone line - for the past 5 months or so, my TiVo hasn't been able to call up to the TiVo service using the phone jack right next to it. Seems it's picky about having a "dial tone" and being able to "call out". I've got a very long phone cable which every now and then I connect to a good jack, and it's able to do its thing, but the whole point of these devices is that they should be able to take care of themselves. I finally got a workman out to look at the wiring, and sure enough, there was a loose connection. TiVo is happy.
  • dance - I mentioned that I was assistant DJ last Saturday. I think I forgot to mention one point of perverse pride: I killed the dance. We were down to about 4 couples at quarter after midnight, scheduled to run to 12:30. I put on "Tears of a Clown" from the "Motown Remixed" album, and everybody stopped dancing. The power to destroy a thing is the power to control that thing. Thank you, Princess Irulan.
  • bit torrent - I've been meaning to upgrade one of my machines to Fedora Core Linux 4. You can freely download this all over the place, but you probably want to use bit torrent to do it. BT is a wonderful piece of technology - while you're downloading a file, you're also sharing the upload of the file to other people downloading, so that the original server doesn't get hammered as bad. Beautiful. I had one of the FC disk image sets on one of the machines here in the house, and I decided to see how BT handled it if I set one of the machines to serve and one to download that file. You'd think it'd be pretty fast. That's what you'd think.
  • Zach Braff - NetFlix sent me "Garden State" recently. I'm not sure why that was in my queue, perhaps I ran out of Kevin Smith movies about New Jersey, perhaps it recommended it to me because I watched Star Wars. I found it entertaining. Natalie Portman plays a freak. A charming one, but still, a freak. Actually, everybody in the movie's pretty disturbed/disturbing.
  • Aeon Flux - hey, I saw it. Pretty good. I particularly enjoyed the architecture and the costumes. I might get the DVD just to look at them again.
  • making molehills out of nothing at all - shouldn't small lawn-based rodents be hibernating or something this time of year? I've got one that's kicking up good sized molehills in my front yard. I can even look down into them and see a tunnel, which is unusual in my experience. I'd kind of like a means of getting rid of the mole, but I don't like the idea of poisoning it, and setting up a trap seems like too much work. I guess I'll pretend to be principled and use that as a guise for being lazy.
  • snowshoeing - a word that seems impossible to spell in a way attractive to the eye. I'm itching to head up to Mt. Rainier one of these weekends with some rented shoes and tromp around for a few hours. Show of hands, who's with me? Anybody? That's OK; more snow for me.
  • Cylon servo project - no progress on that, really, since my cute picture. I think I need a few more pieces, maybe I'll go to Fry's this weekend. Used to be, Radio Shack was the place where you could get obscure parts for your electronic projects. Used to be.


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