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The subject line should be read in a Homer Simpsonian gargle of pleased indulgence.

  • It should be called FUNdue - Friday, I went to "The Melting Pot" near the Seattle Center, a fondue restaurant, for a friend's birthday. It was a swell evening, lots of animated conversation, mostly people I didn't know, and hot things in the middle of the table. Cheese, Meat (and non-meat), and Chocolate courses were served, and they were each very very good. I don't think I fully got into the cheese course, so maybe I'll have to do it all over again someday.

    I was sure I was sweating broth after it was all over.

  • Never act with animals - for they have a tendency to upstage you. One example of this being in that new Naomi Watts movie. I saw it this weekend, but as soon as that monkey came on stage, I forgot Naomi's character's name. Anne something, I think. Good movie, but those animals will upstage the humans every time.

  • And so God says 'in a minute' - I was going to do one little bit of work today, and it turned into something like five hours. But that's cool - it's something we wanted to have done last Friday, and it's playable, and should help us figure out if we need to schedule in some more time for AI programming or not. My suspicion is that we will want our computer opponents to be more clever than they are now.

    As I typed the tag for that paragraph, I was thinking about the punchline for a joke that had occured to me. It's not a full joke yet, but I was thinking backwards, and I thought that the following would be a good ending:

    "And so I said to Jesus, 'what, were you born in a barn?!'"

    I'm not entirely sure how to set it up, though.

  • But honey, I just saved the world - I'm a fan of electronic distribution where it makes sense. Witness iTunes. Music over the wires. Nice. Podcasting. Radio-like experiences streamed to your hard drive. Cool. The service that I'm most enamored of right now, though, is Valve's Steam system for distributing computer games. I bought Halflife 2 through Steam (largely to thumb my nose at the whole notion of retail stores), and since then, I've picked up two other purchases. Er, downloaded. Caused to be downloaded in the background, while I was doing other things.

    The latest is "Darwinia", a curious strategy game, somewhat like Populous in the Tron universe. It's quirky, it's fairly simple, yet it's had me hooked for hours on end in a way that games don't tend to do anymore. Thumbs up if you or one you love is a gamer that loves taking over worlds (even twice removed simulations of worlds). Be warned that the interface is a bit peculiar in places, and there are some playability things that I would have changed.

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