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I am Jack's clenched fist - Blather, Rinse, Repeat
January 5th, 2006
04:49 pm


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I am Jack's clenched fist

T: Oh I get it, it's very clever.
N: Thank you.
T: How's that working out for you?
N: What?
T: Being clever.
N: Great.
T: Keep it up then... Right up.

  • Fight Club - how is it that I had not seen this movie before this week? How had the movie not been utterly spoiled for me? If you've seen the movie, go to IMDB and check out the trivia about it. Plenty of little stuff. I guess other people got something out of the movie, too.

  • Interview with the Vampire - I also (thank you NetFlix) finally got around to watching this. I was expecting something more, I think. I guess I've never been a huge fan of vampires. I did like the scene where Kirsten Dunst's hair grows back.

  • Car - not a movie, the actual conveyance normally parked in my carport. I hit 90,000 miles on the thing, and I figured it was about time to have it looked at. Right about the same time, I notice a good sized crack in the windshield. And shortly thereafter, a rock gets kicked up at my face by a truck, which blossoms into a new crack, right in front of my face.

    So, let's get it all fixed. Yesterday, I take it in to the dealership (cha ching, sigh) and they look it over. Oh, every seal in the engine is leaking oil. Good. The dashboard light that I need replaced is a super-special one. Made of unobtanium, one would imagine. Yeesh. Oh, and I probably need new tires. Good thing I work from home.

    While they have my car, I've got a 2005 Subaru Outback - it's nicer than my car by a fair amount, and not just because it's cleaner. I have no interest in trading in my old beast, though. For one thing, I don't care for the new shape of the Outbacks. Sure, I'm a fuddy-duddy, but the new cars are too streamlined for me. I like the rounder shape of the 2000-ish era Outbacks.

  • stress much? - so this morning, I wake up with huge knots in my back and shoulders. Is this because I'm trying to get a good amount of work done for work, and am frustrated with stuff that seems like it should be working? Is it because I'm upset that the car is requiring far more to keep running than I had expected? Is it any number of other little things? Perhaps.

    And yet, I've recently made good progress on several projects, including that Serenity Mosaic and that servo thing. That's good.

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Date:January 6th, 2006 01:35 am (UTC)
LOL you've never seen fight club til now? I thought ever respectable male over the who was over the age of 21 when it came out saw it -- but yes, it is a good movie. Probably should pull it out and have brat boy watch it, might give him some ideas on what to do with his bullying nemesis at school.

Interview with the Vampire -- ugh you watched it? The whole Tom Cruse bit threw me off. I avoid movies with Tom Cruse like the plague!

Why on earth did you go to the dealership? Oi! Find a nice Mom and Pop garage around you; you'll always get better and affordable service. I just had the engine replace, a new exhaust system and brakes put on my car, and it only cost a small mint -- but much much less than the Ford Dealership was going to charge me.

Get thee to Bath and Body Works -- yes I know its a girly store and probably NOT somewhere you want to go but they have these bath balls and massage balls that will work those tense, horribly painful kinks out. Or, if that is too much of an embarrassment, go to a masseuses, a good one will have you in a puddle of relaxed pleasure in no time.

I'd suggest sex for your stress, but then I'd have to hate you -- as I hate anyone who's having sex when I'm not.
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Date:January 6th, 2006 02:00 am (UTC)
Yeah, never seen either one of these movies. Something about FC's ad campaign made it seem unappealing at the time, and then I got the sense that there was more to it, and only now have I got that far in my NetFlix queue. There's a bunch of other movies in there that most civilized people have seen. I'm catching up.

> Why on earth did you go to the dealership?

Two reasons, neither of which are completely compelling: I wanted the windshield replacement to actually have a good seal. I'd heard horror stories about Mom and Pop replacements fitting really poorly. Secondly, I haven't found a Mom and Pop nearby that provides loaner cars. This is the joy of living where I do.

I guess thirdly - and this is even more shaky than the first two, I had some notion that the dealership would have a more complete checklist that they'd adhere to for the 90,000 mile checkup. I'm beginning to doubt that.
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Date:January 6th, 2006 02:34 am (UTC)
LOL I live in the middle of Fucknuggetville -- barely civilized unless you take into consideration that Dow has it's corporate headquarters here. You at least live somewhere, some what, civilized. Have you asked one of your neighbors or your friends if they have someone they'd recommend? I actually drive out of my way 30 minutes for my mechanic, but he is worth is weight in gold.

I do hope they don't totally wipe you out there. At least your engine is good, mine crapped out at 120,000 miles. I replaced it though cause I love my stick shift and you just can't get them anymore.

I shouldn't say anything about your movie choices -- not when I've been watching things like Shaun of the Dead entirely too much.
[User Picture]
Date:January 6th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
I've got some mechanics I'm pretty happy with out further into the sticks, but I still have no good solution to leaving myself without a vehicle. And the first estimate of 5 hours for the job was painful, but it's already been two full days. Whee.

> Shaun of the Dead

That was fun - and I probably take too much glee that I recognize the actress playing Shaun's mom.
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Date:January 6th, 2006 02:45 am (UTC)
Ew, yeah that has got to be a bummer! Thank goodness I've got a boss who wants to keep me happy -- he gives me the work truck to drive if I ever need to have work done on my car. Only fair, since I'm the one that ends up running to the store (on my lunch hour) for birthday gifts for his wife and 5 girls when birthdays and christmas come up.

At least you get a nice brand new Outback to drive around in.
[User Picture]
Date:January 6th, 2006 02:55 am (UTC)
> At least you get a nice brand new Outback to drive around in.

Indeed - and I think I've learned how to drive it, 24+ hours in. I, too, am a manual transmission sort of person, and this has got some sort of sport automatic thing, where you can override the car's sense of what gear it wants to be in. And somehow I had told it to be in first gear, and it took me a while to get it out of that.
[User Picture]
Date:January 6th, 2006 03:11 am (UTC)
*giggles* Sorry, that is a funny mental picture.
I guess some people like all those fancy new fangled things -- I just like my old fashioned no frills baby. Pity the manual transmission is a dying car breed.
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