Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

That userpic is actually a small part of my business card for Big Dice Games.

See, being the Captain of Industry that I am, I have my own company. It mostly exists to remind me to get around to finishing those games I work on in my spare time. But I take it seriously enough that I have the business license, I go through the officially required tax statements and all.

And a while ago, I had business cards made up. A two color affair, with the somewhat goofy die you see here.

The event that triggered the making of the cards was actually a bit of spite - my old semi-immediate supervisor at my old employer (years ago now, so it could be anybody) was being a bit of a jerk when I suggested that the company would benefit from me having business cards. I was about to go off to a conference, and I suspect that my supervisor figured that I was asking for business cards as a means of networking, and then on to finding a new job. Maybe that's not what he was thinking, in which case, he was just being a jerk when he said the company couldn't afford business cards for me.

So, I went to Kinko's and printed up a bunch of cards with my name on them and my own business name. If my boss didn't want me to advertise his company, I'd advertise my own.

The total that I paid was probably around $30. Maybe less than that. For how many cards? I forget. Not a lot. The cost per card works out to the point where I'm happy to give them out to people, but I don't use them to light cigars. Or to make paper airplanes. They're valuable things. Perhaps it's not the cost per card, but instead that sense that these things are a token of legitimacy for the business.

Anyway. I'm getting low-ish on these cards, and it's about time to have them reprinted. I had brought my artwork to Kinko's on a 3.5" disk back in the day, and the floppy had been sitting on the bottom of the box, waiting for the day I needed to make reprints. Over the past few months, I've been looking at the box, thinking about which machine in the house still had a floppy drive. My web server has one, but it's running Linux, and getting a file off a floppy drive on Linux is more of a hassle than it's worth. And then I found a USB floppy drive kicking around in the great wash of peripherals that is my home office. I plugged in the drive, inserted the floppy, and I got a prompt telling me that the disk was unreadable and that I really ought to format it.

Nuts. Oh, well, maybe it's the USB drive that's misbehaving. Surely when I get a machine up and running with a combination of a Microsoft OS and a floppy drive, surely I'll be able to read the disk.

Well, today was the day of that conjunction, and what was sundered and undone shall behold, yeah, an unreadable disk. Nuts.

So, I guess I get to make new business cards. Which isn't the end of the world. I wanted to do some reformatting anyway.

If you've got one of the first batch of cards, just think - they're that much closer to being collector's items, now.

And the new art I'm burning to CD-ROM. Maybe that'll be readable a little longer.

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