Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

The above image was used, perhaps without irony, to illustrate Yahoo's coverage of Disney's talks to purchase Pixar outright. We don't do much talking about the stock market around these parts, but I've owned a little piece of Pixar for years now. More than any company I can think of, Pixar is a company that excels in its market head and shoulders over its competition.

For years, Pixar and Disney have had a distribution deal - I'm sure that Disney provided a valuable service, but it seems like they managed to put their company logo mighty large on the advertising for Pixar's movies.

Steve Jobs, head of Pixar, also head of Apple, didn't get along well with Disney's old CEO, Michael Eisner, and went shopping around for other distribution deals. And then Disney got a new CEO, Robert Iger, who realizes that Disney can ill afford to let Pixar walk away.

Which, you kow, is nice to hear.

But still, I hesitate to imagine Disney owning Pixar. Not so much because I have any distaste for Disney, but because Pixar's identity would be lost within the corporate structure that is Disney - which owns so many media outlets, including ABC, and ESPN.

It reminds me a great deal of what has happened to Maxis and Origin since they got devoured by Electronic Arts. Each have gone on to make some money, but neither has done anything innovative or exciting.

Oh, well. In the worst case, Disney buys my Pixar shares at a premium.
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