Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)


... which, I imagine, has a technical definition. Perhaps an individual having over 200 IQ. I could look it up, but bah, who has time for that?

I took my little brick of mac in over lunch today, and it booted first try for the guy behind the counter. Maybe he is a genius after all. I mean, that's who my appointment was with - a genius. And that's what his shirt said.

Anyway, he's going to give it to the elves in the back of the store and if he can't find anything wrong with it, we might just write it off as a loose connection - perhaps the bluetooth module had become partially unseated. (I really don't often have the opportunity to write sentences using both 'tooth' and 'seat'.)

The point here being that the guy I handed the machine over to was ready the moment I walked into the store (it helps that I was very close to running late), and he was knowledgable and discerned that I, too, was a geek, so he spoke to me using acronyms that I pretty much understood. So. I'm still not sure if he's a genius, but I'm happy calling him a guru.

Mostly unrelated - at lunch, I overheard the waitress getting excited because she had got a new quarter she hadn't seen before. It wasn't a state quarter, that much she could discern. A while later, I heard her relate that the quarter she was so excited about was a bicentennial quarter.

That at once makes me feel both geeky and old. I guess if you're younger than me and/or not at all interested in coin collecting, you might have lived your entire life not noticing that quarters minted in 1976 had that drummer guy on the back.

I'm really not that into coin collecting, by the way.
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