Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

"Never let a woman in your life" and other practical advice

  • "My Fair Lady" - Now showing at my favorite Redmond theatre. A fine presentation of a familiar musical. (Which is, in turn, an adaptation of an adaptation of a familiar story. Still fine, though.) If one were to quibble about the presentation, perhaps one could point out that the actor playing Eliza's father didn't enunciate his punchlines well during "With a Little Bit O' Luck".

    My point of dissatisfaction was the fact that I had seen most of the cast before in other things (you can call it the Kevin Smith school of casting). Each of them were very good, but I like seeing new people now and then.

    Oh, one positive note - I was really struck with the ingenious set construction. Rotating bookshelves, stairs that become horseracing observation stands. Good stuff.

  • "And Then There Were None" ("Ten Little Indians") - Now showing at the theatre in Bremerton. I've seen this one adapted a few different ways, and this one was filled with adequocity. (Thank you, Newsradio. Thank you, Phil Hartman.) I actually recall seeing this story presented at the same theatre something like 25 years ago. Yikes. The title then was "Something's Afoot", and I think it was played for more laughs than this one.

    The actors didn't feel like they were entirely at home in their parts, which was too bad. The lead actress, in particular, seemed to be hung up on making sure she stayed facing the audience. There are techniques you can use to project to the back of the house without seeming unnatural about how you hold your body - I don't recall noticing the lack of their employment so much before.

  • Random computer fixedness - my machine I use to rip DVDs is back from "the shop". They put it up on the lift and poked around inside without finding anything wrong. The genius expressed complete bafflement about the symptoms I described. Woohoo! I'm a pioneer. Anyway, the machine's back home and in service and processing TiVoed episodes of "The Tick" and "Good Eats". That's good.

    I think I've worked around my work machine's Windows Explorer problem. Seems that there's a bug where removable drives will cause Windows to go unresponsive for on the order of two minutes. Seems like MS has known about this for at least a year and a half. "Known Issue". Seems like some of my drives are incorrectly being identified as removable, and the power saving mode for those drives triggers the bug. Mouthbreathers.

  • "Nothing but blue skies from now on" - Just flashing back to Data singing show tunes for no good reason. My lawnmoss seems to be slowly dying, which is good. If the weather was warmer and dryer, I'm sure it'd be dying faster.

    I tried to start my beast of a ride-on lawnmower to no avail. I think it's a battery issue, and that's something I can probably handle without getting the professionals to haul it into the shop.

    All of this bullet point is to say that I've been of half a mind to spend the weekend outdoors, but I've had a chunk of work-work that I've wanted to get done that's been keeping me inside. It's only February; there'll be time.

    Ok, maybe I should actually get some of that work done.

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