Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

If I ruled the world, you wouldn't be able to make a sequel to anything with "Final" in the title. Sorry, Final Fantasy. Too bad, Final Destination.

Prequels, maybe. But then you couldn't use "Final" in the prequel title. "Penultimate Fantasy" could be worked with.

Amazing Race, however, has no problems in this regard. I'll admit that there are times when the racing isn't as interesting as the trainwreck of a team self-destructing. "Around the World with Three Changes of Clothing" might be more accurate, but doesn't get the 18th century hymn pun in there. And that's important, I know.

This is all leadin for my guesses as to who's going to fall when.

Next to go:

  1. Fran & Barry
  2. Lisa & Joni
  3. David & Lori
  4. Lake & Michelle
  5. Danielle & Dani
  6. Joseph & Monica
  7. Wanda & Desiree
  8. Ray & Yolanda
  9. BJ & Tyler
  10. Eric & Jeremy

One of my ex-cow-orker friends really really hates BJ & Tyler ("the hippies"). I hope to see them make it to the last show, mostly to annoy my friend.

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