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Dave LeCompte (really)

My TiVo doesn't have a useful "record the show that I'm thinking of, even though I don't know the exact title" feature. This sucks when I want to record Amazing Race, which changes its title each season (unless you're watching it on GSN, up until the past few weeks). This also cripples me when I'm not sure what the official title of an event like the Superbowl or the Oscars is. Search around for something that sounds like a "pregame" show, figure out when it ends, then search by channel for whatever is after the pregame. Must be the show you wanted to watch to begin with.

Which is to say, I'm preparing myself for the Oscars. This is bigger than the Superbowl for me, and since the SB commmercials have gone downhill, I'm not just talking about the fact that I enjoy movies more than sports.

I've got my printable ballot (http://a.oscar.abc.com/nominees/ballot/printballot_78th.pdf), and looking over it, I've only seen around half of the films in the big categories. Ah, well, that's why I have NetFlix.

Random picks, comments:

  • Leading Actor Seems to me it's a tossup whether Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal is the lead in Brokeback Mountain. They were each good, and silence is a test of an actor's skill, but I do know that the Academy likes to celebrate people that impersonate celebrities, so I won't be surprised if Hoffman gets this the award.
  • Supporting Actor Was Clooney actually acting in "Syriana"? Seems like his character was just about the same person as every other character I've ever seen him play. Really engaging movie, but Clooney's creation of a role wasn't the high point.
  • Animated Feature Woo, I've seen 100% of this category. As much as I like Miyazaki, and as much more as I like Burton, I want to see Nick Park get the love this year.

    Also, I'm a huge Pixar fan, and I think their films are better in every way (including story, acting, visuals) than other computer animation houses (especially Disney, and especially with a cherry on top for Dreamworks). I'm still bitter that Shrek whichever beat out Monsters, Inc. Seems like story, acting, and visuals aren't what's important to the Academy. So, in a weird way, I'm glad that Pixar doesn't have a horse in this race this year - saves me that much griping later on.
  • Documentary Feature 40% of this category. The Enron movie was powerful and important. The Penguin movie was popular and cute. Hm.

Wow, I've seen a lot fewer movies than I had thought.

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