Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

The cutting of the green

Ha ha, see, it's St. Patrick's day...

But I'm actually pretty psyched, in a sick way. I've had a 96 gallon yard waste container sitting next to my mailbox, and at some point last fall, it was full of grass clippings. And, since I live out in the forgotten wilderness of the county, the waste disposal service decided to stop emptying yard waste containers over the winter. So the container's been sitting there, waiting for service to resume. Last I checked, it was only half full. Could be the action of composting, or it could be those damned unicorns getting into the container. I hear they're pretty clever.

It looks like today's the day that yard waste service has resumed, though - the container's now empty, and I brought it back from curbside (er, where the curb would be if we had curbs out here) for the first time in months. It feels odd - like a missing tooth - not having to pay attention to the container as I back out of my driveway.

Semi-related: I don't take terrific care of my lawnmower (pictured in the icon) - particularly, I don't disconnect the battery, and I don't "stabilize" the gasoline when winter comes around. So, each spring, I try to start the thing, and each spring, I send it in to the shop to get fixed in one way or another. This year, I'm getting a new battery and three new spindles. If spindles are as important as I think they are, it's just as well that it's in at the shop.

I just got the phone call telling me that they'll be able to drop my mower off on Monday - which is actually perfect. I'll be able to do a little bit of mowing as soon as I get it, and fill up the yard waste container again before I head out of town.


(It's a sickness. Send help.)

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