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  • New Toy - as pictured in the icon. Woo - it's got enough room for all the music I want to listen to from my library, a handful of music videos downloaded from iTunes. And I still have about 50% of the device empty.
  • Beatles, Shakespeare, Computer Games - I know I've pointed at this site before, but I figure it's worth doing again. Brian "Professor" Moriarty was part of Infocom back in the day. (Remember adventure games? Remember TEXT adventure games?) Several of the essays were presented at the Game Developers' Conference - but I find the essays engaging in a way that ought to be approachable by anybody.
  • Rush Hour - I recall a moment, driving to high school, hearing "Rush Hour" by Jane Wiedlin on KPLZ. Bubblegum pop bouncy fun. Flipping channels not long ago, I saw the video on VH-1. It's interesting how moments separated by time can be stitched together by music. I found a copy of the CD on Amazon, so I'll be able to wallow in Go-Go spinoff riffs at my leisure.
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