Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Caffeine is funny stuff.

So, I went to the prerequisite Memorial Day BBQ today, after having napped half the day to try to kick my (probably) allergy-related headache. It was a fun event - I knew a couple people there (contrast with the party a week ago), and I managed to strike up conversations with a couple new people as well (again, in contrast with last week).

Again, I took off earlyish. Today, it was sometime after 8pm, which is a fair amount of time to stay at a 2pm barbecue. My friend who had invited me to last week's party showed up at today's party, and I heard stories of the interesting goings-on that must have happened after I left. I suppose it's not to profound to acknowledge that different people are more or less comfortable at different parties, but I've been considering just how uncomfortable I was at last week's party, and what to make of it.

Certainly one factor is that last week's party's theme was "Vicar and Tart" - partygoers were to dress up as men of the cloth or women of ill repute. How did I not see ahead of time where this was heading? I don't think of myself as one who gets offended easily - but perhaps I found my line that night.

So, with visions of myself quietly enduring that party, and politely excusing myself from another party today, I spent some time this evening contemplating whether I have found myself preferring my own company to the company of others. I suspect that it's just as well not to chase that thought too far.

When I got home, I helped myself to a Coke, without really thinking that it was something like 8:30 or so. Around 11pm, I was completely spent and ready to go to bed - except that I had torn up my bed this morning, and I had to make my bed, which was just one more task than I really wanted at that hour. I might have slept on the couch if that didn't entail moving the big pile of mail off the couch - so I made my bed. And checked my email. And by this time, I was awake. So I cleaned all the random books and magazines off the floor of my bedroom. Wide awake. I considered vacuuming the bedroom. I decided to skip that, but instead, I decided to ramble into my Live Journal.


Oh, right - related to the notion of vacuuming: I bought a Roomba robotic vacuum recently. This is one of the brainchildren of Rodney Brooks, one of my personal heroes. Perhaps not exactly 'hero', but I admire his passion for building robots. If you've seen 'Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control' and didn't find The Robot Guy to be too frightening, then you might understand that I find this guy inspiring. It's because I bought this automatic vacuum cleaner that I felt motivated to get all the random detritus off my bedroom floor.

I like the idea of the robot vacuum - one small way that we're living up to the optimistic ideas of how the people of the 50s imagined the 21st century would be. No rocket cars, but a hubcap-shaped automatic floor cleaner seems like an overdue concept.

Random other observation: I'm not particularly into sports, but as I've been typing this, my clock radio has been on, tuned to the local NPR station, which is in turn broadcasting a BBC feed. Coverage of sports played in the US I simply find boring, but coverage of sports played in England - for instance, cricket - strikes me as downright absurd. Please don't be offended if you're a huge cricket fan - perhaps it's a result of the late hour or my own ignorance of the rules of cricket.

Ok, I'm going to wrap this up, but before I go, I'll leave you with a question that you can help me with. I was thinking of leading off this post with this line: "What do you do with an introvert? Worse yet, what do you do if you ARE an introvert?" No, not to answer... What I'm currently trying to figure out is who I'm ripping off with that exchange - maybe it's a Monty Python line... now I want to say Hitchhiker's Guide, but I'm not sure. Wait, it's coming to me: "What do you do with a Manically Depressed Robot? What do you do if you ARE a Manically Depressed Robot? No, don't bother to answer that, I've got a brain the size of a planet and I don't know". Not that I have a brain the size of a planet, of course. But I suspect that's where I'm pulling that from.

Well, perhaps now I can curl up in my newly made bed and get some sleep. If not, I'll be back with even more discursive and random posts. You've been warned.
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