Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Your Da Vincis, your Michaelangelos, your Archimedii, they'd do the same thing if they had TiVo

So, I was watching 24, and thinking about Geometric Sculpture, the kind made by George W. Hart, and thinking about 3d printing, and how it's a neat technique, but a very expensive one. Indeed, the site I recently linked to has comments to that effect - "Think of 3D printing as the last resort when you've dreamed up something that is flat-out impossible to make by conventional methods".

Which kind of took the wind out of my sails. I like technology, I like playing around with new stuff. I want to print out a thing that's never existed before into cornstarch, plaster, ABS plastic, or - hey, why not? - bronze. But Quicken has me on a short chain, so I can't really justify ordering a print run on a professional fabrication device just for my own amusement.

So, I was noodling with the idea of weaving and symmetry and the next thing you know, I ended up with a hand-woven icosahedron (20 sided die, for all you half-elf fighter/clerics out there). Made from a single sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" card stock (with some left over), this little thing holds itself together with no glue, tape, or telekinetic beams.

Just a little something I had fun with.
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