Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

  • groceries - are waiting for me in the kitchen - or did I leave them in the living room? I really ought to unpack them, but they're so far away.
  • it's dark now - I woke up when it was just getting light. I feel like it's been a long day, but in terms of actual hours spent on the clock, only slightly longish.
  • 1 day weekend - whine, whine. But this is a sign the project's nearly over, which is kind of exciting.
  • Passenger Seat 3 - if you watched the X-Men movie, you might have seen an inscription saying that this particular seat had a number. And an abbreviation. Did Sony pay for that?
  • last five minutes - rearrange the last few scenes of that movie (including the one after the credits), and you can completely change the emotional impact.
  • I want to be a mutant - I'd be the guy who wears cargo pants, and carries a bunch of stuff, a little like Batman. My mutant name would be Max Capacity.
  • LJ keeps logging me off - the peril of leaving myself logged in for days at a go.
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