Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

How I spent my day off:

  • Mowed the lawn - whee. Nothing interesting here, the lawn was shaggy, and I got as much as I could up. There's a bunch un-picked-up. Hopefully I'll run around and get it before it goes all terrible.
  • Played with legos - it's true. I got the newest Mindstorms set, and I spent some time screwing around with it. I made something that was capable of finding its way down the hall. I then proceeded to flash the firmware, which is a much worse idea than you'd think. I filled out an "email" form on Lego's webpage that was less nasty than I was feeling about how easy it was to render my expensive toy braindead.
  • grilling - slapped some grillables on the hot, and ate outdoors. Nothing really special about that; I like getting outside and applying black marks to meat. But July 4th is the day to do that, so I indulged.
  • paid bills - whee! There was a water bill that got "cleaned up" at some point (meaning, somewhere in some pile of unread mail, somewhere in the house, unpaid) that was weighing on the back of my mind. That's taken care of now.
  • Watched movies - I watched the tail end of "Pretty in Pink" and all of "Footloose". I enjoyed Footloose much more than PiP this time around. They're both romances of one sort or another, they each feature high school lockers, they each culminate in a prom. Footloose has made it into my icon (woohoo).
    Next time you're in a Molly Ringwald mood, watch Pretty in Pink from Duckie's point of view. Love of your life crushes your heart, you walk her through the door to prom (what were you doing there anyway?) and into the arms of her new love. Oh, but you presumably get to dance with some new chick at the end of the movie, I guess.
    One thing I had a hard time with for the first half hour of PiP was telling Blane (Andrew McCarthy) apart from Steff (James Spader) - both rich characters with mid-80s blow dried hair. I guess back in the day, we had developed heightened senses for telling folks matching that description apart.
    Also, Molly Ringwald looked better in peach than pink, but that's splitting hairs, I suppose.

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