Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

So, I'm part of a mailing list, and there was an email about preparing for summer camp. From that email:

Items Not to Bring:

CD player
Gaming devices
Illegal Drugs
Federal law prohibits fireworks
MP3 Players

Now, I'm more of a cranky word nit-picker than I am a parent preparing his child for summer camp, so my reactions:

  • radio, stereo, tv, CD player, MP3 Players. IPOD, Laptop - I think I can understand that they don't want any confusion - neither a radio OR a stereo, with or without a CD player. No MP3 players, including your iPod. But the specificity works against them. They might have said "electronic music players" or "music playback devices" with some examples of prohibited items. I'm totally packing up my Gramophone.

  • Knives - I worked at a summer camp one summer, and a bunch of the staff carried chopsticks as an affectation.

  • *NO TWO PIECE SWIMSUITS* - I can't stress it enough. Do not bring no two piece swimsuits. Take all the two piece swimsuits you have, and put none of them in one pile, and the rest in another pile. Do not, under any circumstances, choose to bring the first pile.

  • Gaming devices - Don't make me send you home, Fat Tony.

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