Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

if I don't do something ridiculous each and every day, I start to itch.

... whis is ripped from today's Penny Arcade Post. Looks like Loco Roco continues to explore what space in the rolling, colorful game niche that isn't taken up by The King of the Cosmos and his son's rolling Katamari.

Within 30 seconds of seeing Loco Roco, I figured it was Gish with a pastel (read: Katamari Damacy) skin. Since then, I've played a flash version of the game up on www.locoroco.com (which now doesn't seem to be available - thank you, Sony). It's a little quirkier than Gish, and awfully charming. Disturbingly charming, kind of like that fabric softener bear.

Huh - now there's a version you can download to your PSP. Er, download to your PC, and then copy to the memory stick in your PSP, which you've connected to your PC via USB. Free advice to Sony: HOW DO YOU TURN A ONE STEP PROCESS INTO ONE FIVE TIMES MORE COMPLEX? HOW IS IT THAT YOU'VE NOT BEEN PUT OUT OF BUSINESS 20 YEARS AGO? Maybe being able to download DIRECTLY to the PSP would be appreciated by your users. Remember the users?

Free advice to Steve Jobs: The Apple Branded iGame console. A sleek, white, round device hooked up to my TV and the internet? Downloadable games? EASE OF USE? It's money in the bank.

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