Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Are you my conscience?

So I saw that new Pixar movie.

And you should know that I'm a huge Pixar fan. Random comments:

  • Trailer for 'Brother Bear'. I'm becoming convinced that Disney has turned into a works project to keep Phil Collins employed.
  • Trailer for 'The Incredibles', the next Pixar movie - it'll be interesting what they do with a superhero theme.
  • Ellen DeGeneres' character was priceless. Particularly the bit with being able to speak to whales.
  • Also good: the starfish.
  • A little disappointing was the fact that they didn't make a new short for the beginning, but the short that they used was 'Knickknack', one of their funniest early works.
  • I was also disappointed that they didn't have outtakes at the end, but they did give the characters business during the credits, which was probably just about as good. Really, the outtakes gag probably would have been stale anyway.
  • nothing to say about the technical side of things; I've always thought that Pixar does an unequalled job of animation, and they did it again. I noticed in particular when the fish were on the surface of the water, they looked awfully wet, which isn't hard to do, but it jumped out at me how realistic - how right it looked.

So, thumbs up. See it if you're 4 years old, or 40, or have been, or intend to be.

I guess those weren't spoilers, really.
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