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If you're a fan of "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me" (and if you're half the NPR junkie that I've become, you would enjoy this show), you might have heard Luke Burbank filling in for Peter Sagal. Luke was a producer and random guy behind the scenes at my local radio station, so it warms the heart to hear him milking the obvious jokes for a live audience.

Random other stuff:

  • Linux - I finally upgraded my mail server / web server / file server. I need to clean that machine up - it took 7 hours to install the base software from CD to the hard drive, and then several additional hours to bring it up to date with the versions of various software. That's time well spent. Next time (NOTE TO SELF) I upgrade that machine, I'm using a DVD-R instead of CD-R. It might not make a huge difference, but I wouldn't have to be hanging out, waiting for the next CD to pop out.

  • Perplex City - There was a realtime puzzlesolving event today. There were a small number of us who got together in Redmond to bang away at the random stuff thrown our way. Much of it was insanely obscure, and since the questions were open to the whole of The Internet, anything less obscure was solved quickly. However, I managed to get a Beatles question right. Take that, Internet.

  • Dancing - I was tired, but I did go out dancing tonight. It was, if nothing else, an opportunity to practice my cowboy cha-cha, and any chance to practice is welcome. Oh, and a woman I danced with complimented me on my "relaxed" dancing style. That may mean I'm not a stickler about actually paying attention to the "beat", but she seemed insistent on paying me the compliment. So that's nice.

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