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Time for another road trip.

I am the king of cart before the horse.

I've got all this undirected energy, and some of it's coming out in gratuitous LJ frittering. For instance, I rendered a mountainscape, cause, hey, I like fractal terrain and computer graphics, and all that. And then - here's where we start to leave the sane people behind - I felt compelled to find some reason to talk about something mountainy.

I've got a favorite mountain village. 93 miles from my house is Leavenworth, WA. Most of those 93 miles are winding mountain roads leading up to and back down from Stevens Pass, in the Cascades. I really think that I like the drive more than I like the destination (that's a metaphor for life).

So. In thinking about the 100x100 mountain picture, I started thinking about Leavenworth, and how I haven't been there since... a while ago. Earlier this year? Assuredly. Quite possibly my last vacation. And here I am possibly (hopefully) coming into some time away from work. What do do with myself?

So, let's review the whole cart and horse stream of consciousness. LJ -> Picture -> Leavenworth -> Road Trip. I will almost certainly get into the car this Sunday and drive in the mountains because of this nutty website.

Could be worse, I could be staring at the rotating DAVE logo.

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