Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

It seems like my icon list is where the Tick animated series goes to die. I've got two random pictures ostensibly from The Tick's mental imagery, a picture of Blowhole, the Transcontinental Leviathan, and now I've got Handy, the handpuppet-sidekick of The Human Ton.

Couple favorite Handy quotes (Both from "The Tick vs Arthur's Bank Account"):

[referring to a mopey Tick]
"Even now, he sulks like Achilles in his tent.

Achilles? The Iliad? It's HOMER?! READ A BOOK!!!"

[discussing melee strategy with The Human Ton]
"Don't just stand there! EAT HIS HEAD!

See? He's eating your head, and I can still talk! He's eating, I'm speaking! He's eating, I'm speaking! How do we do it?!"

Ah, I miss you, Handy.

In other news blather - my folks are coming to visit tomorrow, so I spent this evening cleaning the house up so they won't wonder if I wasn't raised in a barn, after all. I decided to run out to the store to restock my cleaners, cleansers and related Winston Wolf paraphernelia. I don't know, something about after-hours grocery lighting must kill higher brain functions because everybody in the building was walking around like zombies. The chick in front of me insisted that her twelve-packs of Shasta (I wanna pop, I wanna SHASTA - which sounds dirty to me now) were 4/$10, not the $3.47 that they were ringing up on the computer.

Eventually, I get up to the front of the line, and the walking dead trained cashier asked me for my driver's license. Without even thinking (because, really, who could be expected to) I stammered that sure, that'd be fine, let me get it out. Ha! No, he was just funnin' me. Having a jape at ole Dave's expense. Ha ha, cause see, I had tried to purchase alcohol, and the joke is that I might actually pass for a minor. Whee!

It didn't bother me that he tried to card me, what kinda weirded me out was how much fun he had at his little game. I'll bet you even money right now that next time he tries to steal my nose.

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