Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Happy Birthday Renee, Where Ever You Got To

Welcome to the Shoppe of Divers and Exquisite Ramblings.

...but if I could walk that way already, I wouldn't be here.


Renee Robichaud (anybody remember her? Anybody have a current address?) has a birthday today. Unless my brain's squidgier than I expect.

I have a birthday in a couple days. I opened my mailbox at home this morning, and found a card from my employer. My company sent me an unexpected and very welcome birthday card.

An odd assortment of close friends of mine have birthdays on even-numbered June days. Astrologers, go nuts. Happy birthday to all children of June.

TiVo Treadmill Theatre

Dusting off the treadmill this morning, I watched "Triumph of Love", a Mira Sorvino / Ben Kingsley costume pic. Pure frippery, but it was fun watching Mira scamper about in the John Ritter role.

I think that I may combine my guilt over not exercising enough with the too-many movies on the TiVo hard drive, and knock off a Mary Stuart Masterson movie next.

Spider Report

Found another spider today. I think that I'm offended by their presumed right to reside in my house. No, I'm telling you eight-legged guys that outdoors is a viable, and I claim preferable, option.

State Park Sticker

Also in the mail this morning is my window cling decal gizmo that permits me to park in my state's parks. That still seems odd to me - I maintain that parking in a state park ought to be a common good and shouldn't require a fee. Make me benevolent dictator, and see if I can make it work, I dare you.

Milestone Update

I haven't been talking about work, and in my line, many casual questions like "what are you working on?" can't be answered for much of the life of the project. So it's in that context that I opaquely mention that they've once again altered our schedule. Oh, well.

I think that's all I've got.

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