Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

They're coming right at us!

No, they're not actually moving yet. And there's little different from this screenshot and any others you might remember from the last time I fiddled around with the code. You might notice the zombies are slightly rotated from the grid, and that's about all you can see of the refactoring I did over the past couple of days.

Also, in the category of non-visible work: I got it running on 3 Windows PCs and 1 Mac. Shouldn't be a big difficulty, but I was using non-power-of-two textures for GUI elements, which wouldn't load on anything but the one machine I was doing most of my work on. Silently succeeding on questionable data, that's good stuff. I also found that I was hitting a strange Python/OpenGL problem if I deleted any of my textures. I haven't figured out the problem, but upgrading to PyOpenGL version 3 (alpha!) stopped the crash.

I tried running it on my Linux box remotely over VNC, but I can't seem to run any OpenGL apps over VNC, so I'm not surprised that it doesn't work. One day, I'll wander into the server closet and see if the game runs when I'm standing in front of the machine.

Oh, I also recolored the backgrounds of the various monsters. You can't really tell, since the guys in front are hogging all the screenspace, but the normal zombies are grey, the ghost zombies(?!) are blue, and the lion(?!?!) is yellow. The brown for everything was getting me down.
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