Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Small accomplishments

Things are interesting at work right now - we're making good progress, we're closing in on alpha (which is good), but there's drama that I'll spare you.

But something that I am happy about - I figured out where some small part of the spam coming into my mailserver is coming from. So, I'm running a mailserver that handles mail addressed to me at my vanity email address (mylastname.org, you figure it out). My dad also gets email routed through that server. Not a big deal, he's got the same last name, it makes sense. My sister, also - same last name, same service. Appearantly, there's some woman named Cathy in Chicago who may have accidentally set her forward file incorrectly, because every now and then, I get reports that spam that I attempt to bounce gets stuck in an infinite loop.

Just yesterday, I was able to figure out where Cathy's ISP is, and I sent them a brief note, and they were perfectly happy to clean up her mail forwarding. I'm happy, she's happy, the banister's happy.

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