December 4th, 2002


Black Robot Spiders

Combine lack of sleep with spending way too much time here, and pretty soon the phrase "Block Robots/Spiders" in the personal info page turns into "Black Robot Spiders".

Which sounds like the title of a movie that I'd stand in line to watch.
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    unmarked helicopters

And the drums play on.

Ok, some sense of order has descended upon my life. And before I get too complacent, I'm going to move that DVD that I keep meaning to take back to work.

Ok, I'm back.

And for probably the last swipe at beating the dead horse of "when am I done at work?", I offer the following update:

Did an hour or so of work today, got it all checked in, and things are working beautifully. Cool. Then there's a roundtable discussion of me unloading my brain about how Game Objects and Artificial Intelligence can work together. Sound exciting? You should have been there.

Afterwards, chatted with my current not-boss-but-let's-just-go-with-that, he asked me to unload anything more that I wanted to say before leaving, and maybe I missed my opportunity, but I remained diplomatic.

Then he offered me the opportunity not to stick around through the date that I had initially suggested as my last day. I was holding out hope that they might pay me through the last day without me sitting in the office, but no such luck. So I'm now waiting to talk with the HR folks at the new job to make sure that I can start a week early. It's not a 5 day weekend, but I'll take it.

After work, I celebrated a friend's birthday. It was at an Italian place in Seattle. Something about it reminds me of Vinny Testa's. I think it's the combination of huge amounts of food and a fair amount of fanfare associated with going there. Anyway. So now I'm filled up with garlic and tiramisu. Not a bad way to end an evening.

Inspirational Thought of the Day

Steve Guttenberg is still making movies.

You might remember him from his roles in "Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol", "Cocoon: The Return" and "Celebrity Profile: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen". But he's not resting on his laurels. Oh, no.

Dear God, no.

Like a cinematic juggernaut, good old Steve keeps on keeping on. And if he can keep making films, maybe I can get my Christmas Cards sent out on time this year.