December 6th, 2002


Things to do Between Jobs

At lunch today, 3 fellow engineers and I were discussing after hours programming projects, and it seems that amongst our ilk, everybody's got a game engine that they've spent some time on, and by and large, people do some work on their engine, and then give up to focus on something else.

One of the guys had developed his project between jobs, and the comment was made that one is always the most productive when one is between jobs.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that I might do this weekend.

  • Buy Christmas cards
  • Send Christmas cards
  • Visit Quaint Bavarianesque Town in the mountains
  • Clean off this desk
  • Order the last several Christmas gifts
  • CWG: Implement Input Mapper
  • CWG: Implement Input Screen
  • CWG: Implement Lobby Screen

That looks too ambitious by half, but we'll see.

Checking things off, taking names

I wrapped stuff up at work today, down to taking my nameplate off the wall. If anybody's been looking for a rare Dave LeCompte nameplate to complete your collection, I'm willing to trade. Shook the hands, walked out the door.

This was still early afternoon (what are they going to do if I leave early?), so I went to Ikea. Last Christmas, my sister gave me a gift card for Ikea. It's been hanging out in my wallet unused this entire time. I meant just to get Christmas cards, but I ended up getting a little bit of this and that, and I ended up $6 over the balance on the gift card. Not too bad, really.

So, let's make this official:

  • Buy Christmas Cards - Check

And while I was frittering away time at work, I visited Funagain Games, Cheapass Games, and Amazon, and found about a dozen things to add to various wishlists, but for the time being:

  • Finish Christmas shopping - Check

And that's where we are. I'm thinking of taking a bath and launching into some of the geeky programming stuff tonight. Alternately, I might go to the only pizza place within miles. Sometimes they have live music, so that could be fun.

I'm just now staring at the Steve Guttenberg titles I referred to earlier, and noticed that they all have colons. Any aspiring filmmakers out there, take heed. Steve Guttenberg is in some of the most successful movies, and some of Steve Guttenberg's movies have colons. The task before you is clear.

I should go sort through my random Ikea loot and separate it from the gifts.
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