December 30th, 2002


Day of One Thousand Indulgences

... which could be some sort of documentary on the Catholic Church, but it's not.

  • I straightened out - or I think I straightened out - a bit where the bank that holds my mortgage was telling me that I didn't pay last month. I like my everyday bank so much more than any other bank that I come in contact with.

  • I made more Chex Mix. When I was a kid, New Year's Eve is when there'd be a party that my mom threw for her sewing circle. As I sit here, I'm amused by how quaint I find the notion of a sewing circle, but that's a different post. In this circle, there were maybe a dozen women including my grandmother. Almost all of them were of my grandmother's generation. There were two daughters that were more or less honorary members, this includes my mother and this one other woman. And (now that I've established the generational tiers that we're dealing with), there was a cute daughter of that woman. She (the daughter, and for that matter, granddaughter) was - is - about a year younger than myself who would occasionally end up hanging out with me and my grandfather when the rest of the group were, oh, quilting, or doing needlework, or whatever.

    I just want to establish the fondness I have for the memories of those New Years' parties. Cute girl, plus time spent with Grampa. Two completely separate things, yet both recalled by nostalgic remembrances of that time.

    I'm rambling in this direction because I'm revelling in the navel-gazing of trying to explain to myself why I throw the NYE party that I do. In a lot of ways, it's the same party I went to when I was 8, except that I have the stamina to make it to midnight. Two crucial ingredients for me in a good NYE observance are boardgames and Chex Mix. I've got the boardgames (ahoy!) and now I have Chex Mix.

    If you see the cute girl, let her know that she's welcome to drop by.

  • I also made cupcakey mini-cheesecakes. They seem to have turned out so much better than I expected. No memories with cheesecake. I just felt like making more cheesecake (hello, Rob-O) this year. A half recipe fills up one muffin tray thing. Which means I still have ingredients for one more batch. Something for tomorrow.

  • I finally got around to getting myself a copy of "A Year at the Movies" by Kevin Murphy. I heard him on NPR recently, and it was odd to hear him speak uninterrupted. It felt as though Tom Servo settled down a little bit. If you're a cinemaphile, you probably already know about this book. If you're not, you won't enjoy it nearly as much as I am already.

  • Got around to picking up a copy of "The Man in the Rubber Mask", a memoir by Robert Llewellyn (sp?) about behind the scenes of Red Dwarf. If you're a RD fan, you probably already have read this book. Otherwise you probably have skipped on to the next point.

  • Saw "Adaptation". Good film, fun film, not nearly as self-indulgently self-referential as I would have guessed or hoped for. Still, fun. I kinda want to watch that over and over again, hoping that more will spring off the screen, but I imagine that I'll wait for the collector's edition DVD for that.

  • Got money out of a whimsical ATM. Running a close second to the everyday bank that I commented on up top, I'm developing a fondness for Washington Mutual. Instead of terse computer prompts (Enter PIN now!), the text on screen actually had a chatty tone. It reminded me of stuff that I write at 2am. Thinking about it now, I can see a hybrid between that ATM, TiVo, and the personalized Gap ads from "Minority Report", where user interfaces of the future know you well enough to style themselves automatically to your personality. Dave LeCompte, age 31. Irony Quotient: 73. Brooding quotient: 18. Sanrio tolerance: -6.

  • Bought more card games. I think that I have enough. Well, to last me to the end of the year.

That's it for now. I think that I'm going to browse the web looking for a rack-mounted powerstrip. Because you forgot to give me one for Christmas.