January 1st, 2003


Ah, yes. This is why sane people don't do this.

New Year's Eve was good.

Today was mostly sleeping and kicking a headache. I'm officially rejecting the notion that what one does the first day of the year determines what you do the rest of the year, because I probably slept around 12 hours today, watched a couple hours of the Twilight Zone marathon (the blessing and curse of TiVo) and got halfway through "A Year at the Movies". I mentioned this book before. This book reads like a weekly journal Kevin Murphy's life - finding random things about human nature through film.

Then I putzed around with rewriting a lego sculpture program gizmo that I had written before. For one thing, I needed to repair this guy, and I've been noodling over building something new. I took the time to rewrite in Python the lego-rasterizer that I had originally written in C. The thing that might actually make this worthwhile is that now I've got a class hierarchy that allows primitives like spheres (and someday cubes, donuts, whathaveyou) and boolean operations (union, intersection) with the same interface.

So, that sculpture that I linked to above could now be described in one line of Python, looking something like

... as easy as that. Oh, and I added supersampling, which I had meant to do. One thing that I dig about this is that things like rotation, translation, and scaling can be applied to primitives just as easily as any other operator.

So, that done, I started on the 'knobby sphere' sculpture that has been haunting my imagination for a while now. Imagine a hollow sphere (36 Lego brick widths diameter outside, 28 inside) with 20 colorful lumps submerged in it, like fruitcake. Most of the interesting shapes are inside, so we've got to have windows to look inside, so bore out 12 holes through the hollow sphere. You platonic geometers can figure out the shapes I'm using to evenly distribute 12 holes and 20 colorful spheres.

I got started on this while letting the Twilight Zone occupy some non-spatial part of my brain, and then I let "Heist" take that slot (might I have enjoyed that movie more if I had paid attention? The world will never know). That's got to amount to several hours of work, and I'm only two and a half layers finished. Take a look at the work in progress here. You can begin to see some of the colorful nodules and some of the holes bored through the white hollow sphere.

Maybe my next sculpture will be made out of flats. I'm getting sick and tired of 1x1 Lego bricks.

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