January 22nd, 2003


More geeky than usual

It's a stretch.

Still, I just read an announcement of a module you can install in your webserver that is designed to foil spammers. One tool that spammers use to grab new email addresses is wandering the web, grabbing "mailto:" links. As shown in this page, there's no reason to make their life easy. It strikes me as spamming the spammers; feeding them bogus email addresses that will consume some of their bandwidth instead of mine.

I get tickled by the oddest of things, I guess.

I pine for a good wristrest

I'm feeling restless (not in an entirely bad way) and somehow my unfocused energy is centering around my lack of something to provide my mouse hand better support.

This post ought to be longer, but that's how restless I am right now.

Thoughts while looking at my bathroom ceiling

So, I'm mostly submerged in the bathtup, with the warm sudsy water around my ears, and I ask myself why it is that I don't actually keep bath towels in the one bathroom in my house that has a bathtub.

And why this never occurs to me until I'm already well on my journey to prunedom.

Also, I wondered why I made such a big deal about trying to get something to listen to while in the bath when I ended up with my ears submerged. Got to listen to my pulse, for which I didn't need to fret about the radio.

One day, maybe this house, maybe a future one, I'm going to have a decadent bathroom with a shower AND a bathtub. The bathtub might just have claw feet.

And that room will have a linen closet where I'll keep the spare bath towels.