July 26th, 2003


What do you suppose this means?

Just woke up from the following dream:

I'm back in college. It's the first day of my Junior year. I'm living in something that strongly resembles the dorm where I had lived in real life. For some reason, rather than having a room of my own, I was assigned roommates.

Three freshmen women. Members of a sorority. Not just any sorority, but the one on campus that had the stereotype of being the least academic.

I think that it says something about me that one of my thoughts in the dream was a dread about trying to stake out my own closet space.


In probably related news, my alumni picnic is today. Maybe I'll meet the women from my dream. I'm saying right now that I want the shelf on the right.

Friday Night, the Card Game

I stumbled across this game a while back, and it's colored my perspective on the world. Maybe too much.

So now my question is whether to play the "Reinstall OS" card or maybe I should play "Impulse Purchase of Video Hardware". Hmmm.

I think it's your turn. Remember to take a card, first.
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