August 22nd, 2003


A tiny bit of randomness, then submerging like a submarine in the inky blackness of crunch.

It's that busy time of the cycle. Think of it as production week from your high school musical. Subtract all traces of Judy Garland saying "Let's put on a show!". There's far more grumbling and story that I won't go into here for whatever reason. Instead:

  • I've been exercising again. I got lazy a while ago, then I saw a number that frightened me on the bathroom scale. Fortunately, I've been eating a lot of really bad stuff, so I've got a wide array of stuff to cut back on. Today, the number on the scale was a step in the right direction.

  • One scheme that I have to keep me motivated to exercise in the short and long term (doesn't seem to work in the medium term, as evidenced by going over a month without doing anything) is to track my mileage and count it off against an imaginary roadtrip. A while ago, I laid out a trip from my house to San Diego. I think that my initial plan was to have hit San Diego by now and be off on some other leg of the trip, but again, I'm lazy. But the current burst of enthusiasm should carry me over the Oregon/California border by September, and if I really stick to my metaphoric guns, I might even make San Francisco by the end of the year. A friend suggested that I get one of those AAA guidebooks that mentions roadside attractions, which I think would help me a lot - when I first started this plan, I was (optimistically!) trying to walk from Boston to Seattle, and I was excited when I made it to each little town on my map, and I could shoot for reaching New York State by Easter. Now that I'm looking forward to long stretches of Northern California, I need short term goals to keep me going; seems to me interesting things are further apart in that part of the world.

  • I was moving stuff around in my bedroom this morning, and found a book of dayhikes on Mt. Rainier. I'm inspired to hike out to Spray Park. I'm hoping that the fear of not following this post up with some pictures will counteract my lazy tendencies.

All right. To work, perchance to plan a dayhike.