September 12th, 2003


I forgot my camera again

I've been on the fence for the past week or so as to whether to go on another outing this weekend. I finally heard a favorable weather report, so my car's loaded up and ready to go. It's a continuation of the trip I made two weeks ago - White River campground up to Sunrise and back.

This time, I'm going to drive down the night before the hike, so as to get on the trail at an early hour and not kick myself when it's already noon before boot hits trail.

Hm. It strikes me as an odd practice to pre-journal a hike. Perhaps I'm painting myself into a corner, so I'm accountable to you all to actually go on the hike. Thanks.

I'm ready for the weekend, I'm ready for the end of this project, I'm ready for a week of vacation time that I've got coming, I'm ready for a return to a mood where I'm not looking forward to escaping work with this intensity. The risk of not having a life, I guess.
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