December 26th, 2003


Appearantly, five letter words require a cohost

I'm something of a sucker for games. Board games, card games, computer games. Whatcha got? I like games.

Last year, I found myself entertained by the Game Show Network's game "Lingo". It's a cross between, um, Wheel of Fortune, kinda, and Bingo. Oh, and Mastermind. Basically, it's mastermind with words.

I find myself shouting at the screen when the players are stumped. So I wrote a simple version of the game that I can play by myself (simple as in lacking in all manner of prettiness, as well as having stripped out 60% of the show's complexity, but nevermind that).

So, the show has been renewed for a second season, which pleases me. The thing that's odd, though, is that they've introduced a cohost. She's a leggy woman with some sort of English accent (Cath, Nate, anybody, care to place the accent?). Um, she has other features that you may notice as well. Nice eyes. Or something. Ahem.

WHY WHY WHY Hire this woman? I know nothing about her, I'm sure she's charming, smart, professional, and files her taxes in a timely manner with nice penmanship, but she does one thing on the show, and that's to serve as eye candy. Her job before was filled by some unnamed Don Pardo-ish individual who, I'm sure, wore more clothes - and stayed off camera. Now, there's a cohost who sits at a desk with a laptop and a mouse who must be integral to the flow of the game... Lord help us all if she didn't click the mouse. The game couldn't continue. And by the way, I'm not at all sure that she knows how to use a mouse.

I'm not the world's most rabid feminist. But by inventing a job for a pretty body just cheapens what I considered to be a well considered show. You embarrass me, Game Show Network.