January 14th, 2004


Post devoid of useful information

... as opposed to your stockbroker's lj page, I guess. Or, you know, the blog where your doctor posts those test results.

So, if you'll recall, I write computer games. And for the past 13 months or so, I've been working on a game. And (as Jennie can attest) I tend to keep my mouth shut about stuff I'm working on. In part because it's been drilled into my head that there are professionals whose job it is to publicize the game. In part because the contract and my job could each be jeopardized by that sort of discussion.

You might be expecting me to announce my game at this point.

Nope. But I'm delighted to say that here we are, maybe 2 months from being on the shelves, going through the approval processes at the end of the project, and today, today, I find out that we actually have a signed contract with our publisher. This is a very good thing, and it's been a long time coming (pretty much the lifetime of the project), and this is rather out of the ordinary - most games don't start without a contract with a publisher.

I should be breaking out the champagne or other celebratory custom, but frankly, I'm too tired, and maybe too paranoid. This milestone is a good one, but we've got a few bigger ones just over the horizon, so it seems premature to get excited just yet.