February 1st, 2004


Go, Elvis-like-logo-wearing sports team.

You know how sporty I am. I watch a football game every year or two.

TiVo recorded 4 hours of the game - I just wish that it recorded 4 hours, 15 minutes. Sigh.


Random other thoughts:

- Saw Butterfly Effect. Nice to see Ashton playing any character other than Michael "DAMN, Jackie!" Kelso. The prison scenes were filmed a scant few miles away from the theatre where I watched it. Relatively non-disappointing movie.

- Had a bunch of friends over yesterday to play boardgames. Yay boardgames. I'm still recovering. The house is surprisingly clean for a party aftermath. I've got well-behaved friends, but still.

- Started reading another Dan Brown book, "Digital Fortress". I'm flipping the pages fast, but the errors (or creative licenses) really bug me. Oh, well.

- And tomorrow we wait for word back from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo for the next round of arbitrary and contradictory changes. Whee.