March 16th, 2004


Mmm. Chinese.

My life right now involves translating our game into your major European Samurai-Game Consumer-Oriented Languages, which I don't need to tell you, are German, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Which really doesn't matter, but it provides a context for the following lunchtime escapade: a coworker and I went to a Chinese buffet, which is mediocre as Chinese buffets go, but we were tired of every other restaurant in a 50 mile radius. I'm wandering past the various deep fried crab somethings and the strange flavored whatever, and I stop in front of a dish that I recognize.

Now, let me back up. I'm not saying that if it isn't spaghetti and meatballs, I won't eat it. I'm an embarrassingly finicky eater, but I will eat a variety of different cuisines. On the other hand, no matter who prepares an oyster, I'll pass.

So, right, there's this dish that I recognize. Cornbread battered hot dogs. I read the label, and on the first reading, I swore it said "CRON DOGS". Ok, they switched two letters, it happens. Those UNIX geeks out there might chuckle as I did at the system-scheduling pun evoked.

I was still chuckling about food named after operating system constructs when I directed my coworker's attention to the label. It was then that I read it more carefully, it in fact read "CRON DONGS".

Which didn't really make them appetizing at all.