May 3rd, 2004


Stumped, as if by a petard. My own, at that.

I've been working on Switch 2000, and I finally ditched the old abstract tileset. Now I've got the capacity to use arbitrary images, and the game's substantially harder. Doing the math (because appearantly, I love the math), with the abstract tiles, there were over 300,000 correct solutions to a 4x4 board. And now there's only one.

Check it out:

Perhaps I'm not of the prank-playing mettle

I can't sit still. My boss comes back Wednesday. I'm hoping he likes his redecorated office. Part of it is ponies and unicorns and whatnot (I found a My Little Pony over the weekend). Much of it is teen idols. There's a Bratz poster. Barbie with a unicorn. Much Olsen Twins and Orlando Bloom. Ashton Kutcher.

I'll take photos, so in case my boss kills me, the evidence will live on.