May 5th, 2004


The amusing of the boss

The boss got in earlier than I did - tactical failure on my part, or really just a dose of laziness.

He didn't freak out, he isn't in wordless awe, he's not even marvelling at the "I love you" picture with the two unicorns.

Oh well.

I'm currently taking bets on how long it takes him to find Ashton Kutcher behind the door.

Attention, Operating Systems Developers

Dear anybody who happens to be writing system software, like, for example, Windows XP:

I understand that your job is hard. People expect a lot out of an operating system these days. Especially when you're bundling browsers and media players into the operating system. It must be rough.

One suggestion, though. Just something to think about. If your operating system can accidentally get stuck in a low resolution (say, 640x480), it might be a VERY GOOD THING to have the process for switching out of that resolution fit on a 640x480 screen.

You know, if you're thinking of bugs to fix as you're planning your next version of the software. Your next mandatory, incompatible, expensive, version.

Thanks in advance.