August 3rd, 2004


(no subject)

I just watched "Lucas" - you know, Corey Haim, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Winona Ryder, Charlie Sheen, Jeremy Piven.

Not the worst movie ever made, but I'm kind of amazed that Winona Ryder got any work at all after that movie. But I suppose that Uma Thurman can get work after "Johnny Be Good".

Reasonably likeable characters put into a completely formulaic set of circumstances, do implausible things, and one or two of the storylines get wrapped up in a contrived ending. Good stuff.

In other news, I had a 'business lunch' today with some friends of mine who are in a band. I offered them a pittance to license some of their music for Switch 2000. And they jumped at it. I unfolded my laptop and showed them the game, and they were psyched, and couldn't wait to play it. Adrian finished an actual level of the game (proving it's possible, at least), and Andrew complimented me on the random artwork that I had made. After having played it, they said that their music was actually a really good fit for the Switch 2000 gameplay, which made me feel even better that I thought to ask them to be part of the project.