September 11th, 2004


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Hm. One of these days, I've got to figure out why my editor lets me quit without reminding me to submit my LJ post.

The post was short, so I'll try to capture much of it a second time around. Because if I don't, it won't really matter.

Saw "The Fantasticks" at the local small theatre. No, not moviehouse. Stage, with people. Programs.

This was opening night, and I enjoyed the performance. The performances. I had fun. This being opening night, they hosted a reception at a restaurant around the corner from the theatre. I went and shook hands with much of the cast and crew. That was fun. I was reminded how long it's been since I talked theatre with theatre people. Combine that with my tendency to become tongue tied in the presence of cute women, and I was fortunate to be as eloquent as "First act was whimsical. Second act, sad".

When I got home, I found a note taped to my door from my neighbors (I'm pretty sure) saying "call us about your riding lawnmower". I'm guessing they want to borrow it. Or maybe they want me to stop using it at 3am when their daughter is sleeping. I'm kidding - how could their daughter be sleeping? It's a loud mower.

Also, I bought an INXS CD. I was looking for "Kick", but settled for some greatest hits thing. I may have to hunt down a good copy of "Kick".

How do you feel?
  I'm lonely.  
What do you think?
  Can't take it all.  
Whatcha gonna do?
  Gonna live my life.  

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Hm. It wasn't so much about the lawnmower.

As I was getting ready to go to work today, I noticed that a bag that I had some conference materials from was not where I remembered it being from the day before.

Hm, that's odd. All the contents were there.

I went back to the living room, looking at the pigsty that that room is, and noticed that my XBox also wasn't where it normally was. Nor were my XBox games. Also, the bag with the conference materials had a big XBox logo on it.


Called 911, said that somebody came into my house.

Called my neighbors, the neighbor woman said that she saw a kid prowling around my lawnmower.

Got a call from deputy somebody or other almost immediately after hanging up with neighbor - turns out someone found his kid with an XBox that somebody had 'given' him. Since there were receipts in the box? Bag? With my name on them, the guy got suspicious, called the sheriff.

More details as events unfold. So far, things are coming together a little better than I had feared at first.

Damn, maybe it's time to invest in one of those crazy electronic lock-yourself-behind-a-keypad affairs.

Waited and waited for the sheriff to show up. I cleaned up the "scene of the crime", figured out that I had lost around 6 XBox games, 20 PS2 games, 1 XBox, and 1 Bag. The Bag, as I said before, was clear across the house. This surprises me some - that a burglar looked around that much to figure out that he'd take the stuff that looked like XBox gear.

One of the things NOT taken: a cable that goes from the XBox controller port to a memory stick. Thumb drive. Whatever. Or the thumb drive connected to the cable. This is interesting because he unplugged it and put it on the table. The details of this particular object bore you, but suffice it to say, it was a pretty non-mainstream peripheral, so the punk decided not to take it, I guess.

Around 11, Deputy Casey showed up and opened up the trunk of his cruiser. My XBox bag, with my XBox games. Somebody else's XBox carrying case, with an XBox inside it. I was at this point pretty despondent - clearly somebody else's XBox was in that carrying case, right?

We booted it up, and the fact that one of the options on the dashboard was "BOOT INTO LINUX" satisfied me that we had recovered my actual game system. Sigh of relief.

Deputy Casey advised me not to touch the game cases, because he was going to send them to the lab to be printed. He also dusted one of the cases (still in its shrinkwrap, as it happens. Never got around to playing that game, I guess). So now I have graphite powder on my coffeetable, and Deputy Casey has a couple partial prints.

So, let's see. Neighbor across the street, Anne - saw a suspicious kid prowling around my house yesterday afternoon.

Neighbor kid up the street, Carlos - saw a (different) suspicious kid around the shed between his house and my house.

This other kid, let's call him "Jim", whose father got suspicious when Jim had an XBox all of a sudden, Jim said that Carlos gave him the XBox. Jim's father found my name on a receipt in the bag, figured that Carlos had ripped me off. Jim's father called the cops. Thank you, Jim's father. The cops came to talk to Jim. Jim couldn't maintain eye contact. The cops went to talk to Carlos. Carlos said that this story was bullshit. Carlos wants to "talk" to Jim now.

So. I got some of my games back, I got the machine back, I got the bag back. I'm hoping that if the cops talk to Jim some more, he'll turn over the PS2 games. If he did, and if I have any say in the matter, I'd like to ask for a certain amount of lenience. Totally nail him for telling the cops a lie, but if I get my crap back, I'm really not a vengeful guy.

One thing that pisses me off is that he took two games that I worked on, and (this is admittedly weird) I don't particularly want to go out and buy a new copy of my own games. Not just games I owned, but games I made.

I talked with the deputy some more after all the business was over, and he mentioned that there were three meth labs not too far from my place. Well, two, now that one of them burned down. This was news to me. He went on to say that I should probably secure my riding lawnmower. This is appearantly a hot item for these guys.

After sending Deputy Casey on his way, I packed up to go to work, and realized that if the burglars that got into the house had taken one of my spare keys, then they could walk right back in and take everything else. So instead of going to work, I went to Home Depot and bought new deadbolts and locking doorknobs. Not the easiest things to install, I've discovered. But now I have new locks, and most of my crap is still inside the house, so that's good.

This segues into my next post.

In other news...

Dancing Carolyn, whom we met in the context of last weekend's wedding, called and left a message on my machine.

Her "two"s and "three"s are a little hard to tell apart in her phone number. I called another woman first. Oops. Then I ended up on somebody's voicemail who sounded like the person on my answering machine. I'll call back later. Perhaps first doublechecking with Gretchen, the bride who is facilitating this crazy episode.