October 2nd, 2004


(no subject)

I am sad.

Not really very sad, and not for any really very good reason. I just purged two subscriptions from my LJ friends list. One was to an RSS feed where Project Gutenberg announced the new books available through them.

I really like the idea of Project Gutenberg, and I kept meaning to read a few books that I got through them, but I guess I get busy. And when I get around to reading a book, I like it to be a traditional printed thing, preferably with a cover. I tried printing out the Ring Saga, but translated German poetry in a small typeface did not manage to hold my attention.

So, each day, I'd get a dozen or so books listed in my LJ page, and I'd just feel disappointed that I wouldn't or couldn't read it all. Or really, any of it.

By the way, I've got a bunch of books scattered around the house that, in general, I have paid good money for, and I haven't read.

The other subscription was a community dedicated to Kingdom of Loathing. A whimsical web-based role playing game, it amused me for a while. I suppose I got bored at some point, and haven't been playing for quite a while. And the community chitchat only seemed to be "Hi, I just found this community, so I thought I'd say 'hi'". Somehow, that didn't hold my attention, either.

So. I've purged a fair amount of inconsequential fluff from my LJ pipe. This opens up substantial bandwidth for you good people. Have at it!